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Only The Cunning Shall Survive

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"Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends."

Welcome to the Slytherin Common Room. Password: Dargon's Blood. We're terribly sorry to inform you that unless you have been sorted at sorting_song this is a closed Slytherin only community. If you wish to be sorted to see what House you belong to (and you better not be a fan of Scar-Head) please stop by sorting_song and fill out the sorting survey! It's quick, easy, and relatively painless!

Now, for you sorted students...

CONGRATULATIONS! You've been selected to be a part of the most prestigious house in Hogwarts history! You're obviously a pure-blood...or at least not a mud-blood. Sadly, we do have to follow a few school rules even when we're out of Dumbledore's site so listen up:

House Rules:

01...Absolutely no LJ drama will be tolerated in the Common Room
02...Respect your fellow Slytherins
03...All entries must be signed with your name and house
04...All Slytherins are encouraged to participate in House challanges
05...All Slytherins are expected to earn points at sorting_song
06...Slytherins are encouraged to post Harry Potter related information
07...Excessively long posts are better left under an LJ-cut
08...Do not spam in the common room!
09...Since this is a Common Room not all posts need to pretain to the Potter-Verse. Rants are required to be behind an LJ-cut.
10...If you have a problem with a fellow Slytherin report it to the (temp) prefect: angelic_minx
11...Introductory posts are allowed but not required
12...All entires made with in the Slytherin Coomon Room must be Friends Only to avoid outside drama.

The Prefect has the right to report any out of bounds student to the webmistress at sorting_song or to simply kick a member out of the community for repeat offenses. Consider yourself warned...